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«Философия Рыбалки» это специализированный интернет – магазин для любителей и профессионалов в ловле прудовой и речной форели. В наличии лучшие приманки, спиннинги, крючки и аксессуары от ведущих брендов Японии.

У нас оригинальные и качественные снасти из Японии!

Наш сайт: troutlures.ru, почта: troutlures@mail.ru, телефон: 8-916-473-48-86.


ВНИМАНИЕ! Магазин (сайт+склад) продается, связь выше.

Assistance in ordering. International delivery worldwide. Payment methods.

We ship worldwide!

1. Assistance in ordering.

1. Register your account.

You will get a confirmation email from troutlures@mail.ru soon if your registration has completed.

2. Buy on our website.

All prices are in Russian rubles. We are sorry, the item descriptions are all Russian language.

2. International delivery worldwide. Shipping method.

Delivery of postal service "EMS" – 6000 ₽. Express mail delivery to the address of the buyer. The delivery time is from 5 to 15 days. The initial cost is 4000 ₽. The exact shipping cost will be calculated and included in the total bill. For shipment, goods with dimensions not exceeding 150 centimeters are allowed.

Delivery of postal service "Mail of Russia" – 3000 ₽. Standard postal delivery to the nearest post office to the buyer. The delivery time is from 20 to 50 days. The initial cost is 3000 ₽. The exact shipping cost will be calculated and included in the total bill. For shipment, goods with dimensions not exceeding 150 centimeters are allowed.

We send the goods to your address registered to PayPal.

The cost of packing (air bubble film, cardboard box, hard tube, etc.) is free.

After shipped out of "EMS" or "Mail of Russia", we will send you the tracking number for your trace.

We insure for all "EMS" shipping. In case of lost, the value on the package invoice will be compensated. For "Mail of Russia", we don’t insure.

All taxes and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the cost of the order or shipping charge. Taxes and customs charges differ depending on the country and state of the shipping address. We suggest contacting your local customs office if you are unsure of the applicable taxes and customs fees that are relevant to you. We is not responsible for any additional taxes and customs charges that are requested during the shipment of your order.

At your request and under your responsibility we can reduce the invoice cost for the customs service of your country.

3. Payment methods.

We accept PayPal and Credit Card such as VISA, MASTER CARD via PayPal system.

Cashless payment PayPal. Non-cash payment for a PayPal account for customers located outside of Russia. The invoice will be generated within two days and sent to your e-mail address specified in the process of placing your order. The total amount of the invoice includes the cost of ordered goods, postage for delivery, a PayPal commission. Count is valid for three business days.

Bank Transfer is not accepted.

4. Product warranty and return policy.

Please be noted all JDM tackles has not warranty except Rod and Reel.

1. In case of your intention to cancel the goods. If you would like to return the goods, please contact to us within 7 days after receiving the goods. Used item is not possible to return. Packing condition should be selling condition. You have to pay the shipping cost to return. We will refund the money after receiving the returning goods and confirmed the condition.

2. In case of defected goods. We are checking the quality/function one by one before shipping, however if something problem is happened during the transportation or some other reasons, please send back the goods to us. Send back the goods by EMS and tell us the tracking number and EMS postage you paid. We will arrange new shipping as soon as recognized your EMS tracking number in the post office data, and refund the EMS postage to you.

5. If there are any questions you may contact us using the information below.

troutlures@mail.ru - electronic invoices for payment of orders;

zakaz@troutlures.ru - information on completed orders and pre-orders;

news@troutlures.ru - subscription and unsubscribe to newsletters.

Phone for contacting us: 8-916-473-48-86.

Days and hours of operation of the point of issue orders: from Monday to Friday from 10-00 to 22-00.